So You Want To Write A Guest Article?

(December 22, 2023, 11:48 AM EST) -- If your New Year's resolution is to spend more time writing, here's everything you need to know to pitch guest article ideas to Law360.

What Is Expert Analysis?

Law360's Expert Analysis section features concise, thought-provoking commentary from qualified experts on issues of current interest to the legal and business community, including cases, policies, deals, trends and debates.

Our guest articles are generally 1,000-2,000 words, discussing why a news event is significant and how it could affect practitioners. Our full list of submission guidelines is available here, and you can contact us at

Who Reads Expert Analysis?

Law360 is distributed daily to more than 2.9 million newsletter recipients. Subscribers include 9,000 law firms, companies and government agencies.

What Is Law360 Looking for in Submissions?

There must be a clear news reason for the discussion, even if the focus is on trends or practice tips. The news should be from the last 90 days. The more recent, the better.

Developments discussed should have an anticipated effect on law or practice, so the takeaways go beyond "the impact remains to be seen," "companies need to comply" or "you need experienced counsel."

The article should only briefly summarize the news, so most of the analysis is dedicated to the author's expert commentary, contextualization or opinion.

What Does Law360 Reject?

Our guest articles comment on news, present new ideas and share practical insights. They do not:

  • Focus on an ongoing case in which the author is involved;
  • Highlight the authors' legal successes;
  • Discuss the benefits of services the author's firm offers (even if the piece is vendor neutral);
  • Make an unsupported, overly broad or rudimentary argument; or
  • Contain disparaging language or attacks on individuals or organizations.

What Should Be in a Pitch Email?

There are four keys to a perfect pitch email.

1. A brief summary of the proposed article, including the news element and the author's commentary angle.

2. The authors' names (no more than three) and bio links.

3. Disclosure of any author involvement with parties or matters discussed in the article.

4. The article attached as an unformatted Word document or, if the article is not yet written, a realistic time frame for completion.

What Can You Expect After Sending a Pitch?

We review all submissions and provide feedback within 24 hours. Once an article is accepted for publication and our publishing agreement has been signed, it will generally run within one week.

Any Questions?

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